The Munilaw Group


The Munilaw Group was founded in 1992 by Attorney Tony F. Soltani and is also known as Municipal Law Associates. The current firm is the result of a merger of the Soltani Law Office and the Law Office of Wendy L. Spillane.
Our firm's mission is:
"To Assure Access to Justice For All by Providing Quality Legal Service at a Reasonable Cost."
We understand that a legal victory obtained at a severe economic impact may be no victory at all to a client. We are proud to have consistently maintained one of the lowest hourly rates in the state, while maintaining consistently high standards of advocacy and legal practice.

The firm represents clients for Civil Rights matter, M
unicipal Law issues, Personal Injury including Worker's Compensation, Estate Planning and Probate matters, Civil and Criminal Litigation as well as Appellate Practice.
Of course, no attorney or firm can guarantee a particular outcome in any case, as all disputes are dependent on the specific facts and circumstances of the specific case or dispute. However, our people are known to jealously advocate for the best possible outcome for our clients.
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